About Us

You see the finish line, A few hundred meters is all that’s left, between you… and victory. This is where winners are separated from the main field. Where one rider defies all physical limitations and the rest — are forgotten. That moment is not about luck. It’s not even about talent. Only one thing can take your bike over the finish line before everyone else. Effort. The discipline to carry on after every cell in your body screams for you to give up. That moment… Your water bottle holder breaks, and you are no longer in the French Alps. Now, you’re on your regular route with a broken water bottle. 

Are you also tired of low quality or even expensive equipment leaving you down and ripping you out of ‘the zone’ just as you are about to give your best effort? We know we were!

Bicycle Booth was founded by a group of passionate cycling enthusiasts. We ourselves were frustrated by the low quality and high price tags we as cyclists were being offered by mainstream brands. So we decided to take matters into our own hands.

The finish line that we see right in front of us is bringing exceptionally performing cycling accessories, gear and apparel to other cyclists at a reasonable and affordable price point.

The mountain between us and that finish line, our Alpe d’Huez, was finding a way to provide our fellow cyclists with the quality products we wanted for ourselves without breaking the bank. We managed to break away from the competition by leaving the middleman behind in the main field and ship premium products straight form the manufacturers. By leaving out the expensive retail link, we can sell products that we ourselves like to use every day at prices that are as competitive as we like to think we are!

We constantly push ourselves to deliver our products to our customers just a little bit faster. This stage is one of the most challenging due to the ever changing route between our manufacturers and our customers.

Providing the best possible shopping experience takes real team effort. Our team is build to deliver top performance when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service and an unbeatable customer experience. 

But when it comes down to the final sprint to the finish line, there is only one thing that matters. To deliver products of outstanding quality at affordable prices, with unmatched service.

Because Bicycle Booth is run by enthusiastic cyclists for cyclists, and we have years of retail experience, we hand pick products that we use ourselves every day, to ensure only the absolute best in terms of quality.

We will be releasing new accessories, apparel and jersey designs constantly, and we are always looking for the latest gadgets in the industry without compromising quality. So stay tuned for more winning equipment, apparel and accessories to come!

But we want YOU to judge our performance, so please browse our web shop today to see our hand picked selections at bargain prices!